We accept WAV or AIFF files at 44.1, 48, 88.2 and 96kHz; 16, 24, 32 bit.
We cannot accept DAW sessions. All the tracks have to be bounced from the starting point of the song and have the same duration, regardless of where the information on the file is.
That ensures that everything is lined up. Exportmidi and VST instruments into audio files.
All the tracks have to have the same bit depth and sample rate.
Please insure that all the tracks are in tune, in time and panned to your satisfaction before you bounce.
Please supply multi tracks without reverb or effects.
However, if you feel a specific effect, processing, or creative element
(such as filter sweeps, delays etc) is an integral part of the sound.
Please name the tracks clearly.
Same tracks dry or wet will not add to the count of tracks. Make detailed notes and send them together with the files.
Make sure you allow plenty of headroom space when exporting your multi-tracks to avoid clipping or distortion. These artefacts cannot be removed in the mixing process. 


2 - 3 days for one track to be mastering (you will get 90 sec. preview at no charge)File formats: AIF, WAV / 16,24,32Bit / 44,1- 96kHz Without a master EQ and compression. For stem mastering uploads, make sure that all audio files to be combined into a stereo masterstart at zero on the timeline, so they all line up with each other.
*Normally: From 4 up to 8 stereo stem tracks, length of the song is not more than 6 minutes
*Normally: Up to 48 tracks, length of the song is no more than 6 minutesProfessional equipment and experienced sound engineer are crucial for recording and mixing.
That is what really puts heart and soul into music. Sound control at every step is very important to get the best results.
That is why we decided to install of one of the world's most popular monitors Genelec 1038B completed with Genelec 7071A Subwoofer. It makes possible to hear low frequencies in the arrangement correctly and imagine how your mix will sound during big arena concerts and in dance clubs.
The mixing room is designed and configured to ensure the best conditions for listening. This allows to hear the smallest sound flaws that might have gone unnoticed.

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