Our mixing and mastering prices are very competitive with other high quality studios.
You will find lower priced budget studios, however when you compare our equipment, experience, and final sound it's easy to see that Studio has some of the best rates around for professional mixing and mastering.
After receiving your files, we create a session to determine the quality of the recorded instruments.
If there are any problems with the tracks, we will offer you the options of their removal.
This is important for creating a high-quality mix. You can also send us a link to any music reference so we can get an idea how you would like your sound to sound.


Professional equipment and experienced sound engineer are crucial
for recording and mixing.


Listen samples for "an overall view of the quality of the work
Mixing & Mastering

Online MIXING & Mastering

Upload your files up
to 10 GB


ICON D-Command
SSL Sigma Analogue Summing


SSL Alpha channel
Focusrite 828
PreSonus DigiMax
Guitar Combo VOX -AC30VR


Genelec 1038B, Genelec 3080
Subwoofer 7071A


Neumann U87
Telefunken AK47
Shure 57.58
AudioTehnica 4050sc, 4053b


Pro Tools HD Native
MacProDigidesign 192 I/O (2)


Teletronix LA-2A
Urei 1176 LN
Empirical Labs Distressor EL8-X (2)
SSL G-Series Bus Compressor
Manley ELOP, Manley Vari Mu
Crane Song HEDD 192
Golden Age Compressor (Neve clone) (2)
dbx 160A (2)
dbx Quantum II (2)
Lexicon MPX 500, Lexicon LXP 15

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